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  • Available in 21 languages
  • All TV shows and games are teacher-approved
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What’s included?

Explore a world of learning with our inspiring TV shows

  • Award-winning TV shows and documentaries that encourage kids to experiment, explore and create
  • Teacher-approved curriculum on Science and Technology
  • Unique shows focused on soft skills: creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration
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Boost your brain with our amazing games!

  • 200+ games developed by academics in childhood education and cognitive development
  • A curriculum of 21 original games endorsed by Yale University’s Play 2 Prevent Lab to learn Maths
  • Games that reinforce curriculum subjects and provide hours of edutainment on maths, science, problem solving, strategy, logic, memory skills and more!

What grown ups are saying

Best app for kids

“I love that the shows are educational and really fun to watch!”

Wonderful for teaching science

“The Da Vinci Channel helped me a lot with school, especially Operation Ouch! Now I know how to deal with emergencies!”

Quality screen time

“All three of my kids love the science experiments, and have learned so much!”

Part of our family

"Da Vinci Kids is a very important part of our family life - without any doubt . Our kids have grown with your channel and they know a big part of the world thanks to you. Da Vinci was THE ONLY station in the last 5 years on our TV. We recommend it to all our friends!"

Powerhouse for knowledge

"Da Vinci Kids is such a power house for knowledge. It is very educative, entertaining, mind opening and an essential channel to watch. In the short time that my kid has been watching it, he has learnt a lot of things that otherwise he would have never learnt anywhere else in the same way."

Ilian & Nora
Thank you so much!

"I must admit that we are addicted to watching your channel. There are so many interesting and educational shows that we just can't get enough. A few days ago I watched an amazing programme about mathematics with my family and we were very impressed! Keep up the good work!"

Watch & Play everywhere!

  • Set up your child’s personalized account and avatar so that your child watches shows and plays games curated for their age. It only takes a minute!
  • Access Da Vinci Kids on Smart TVs, Apple TV, mobiles, tablets and as a channel with your local cable or satellite provider
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